The Alltrade Group, the largest Computer Hardware Broker in Israel, both supplies and buys a large variety of new and refurbished computer hardware.
Alltrade will be happy to participate in any type of deal as a leading or a secondary supplier.
Alltrade specializes in work stations, laptops, servers, storage and communication systems from a variety of leading manufacturers, such as HP, IBM, Lenovo, DELL, Cisco, EMC, NetApp, Avaya, etc.
Alltrade, being an international computer broker, can locate and provide the most profitable computer deal for any organization, by taking advantage of unique purchasing opportunities.
The company’s professional team, consisting of experienced hardware experts, is available to our customers in order to ensure that they will receive a suitable IT solution for their company requirements.

Among the advantages of including Alltrade in every deal are:

  1. Savings – Purchasing refurbished hardware is significantly cheaper than new hardware and Alltrade will also offer to trade-in the old computer hardware that a company no longer needs. We often find that it is possible to provide a solution for upgrading a company’s hardware using refurbished equipment and not necessarily the latest models marketed by the computer manufacturers.
  2. Savings – When buying new equipment from another supplier the existing surplus equipment can be sold to Alltrade, thereby reducing the cost of the new equipment.
  3. Preserving uniformity – Organizations usually require the preservation of uniformity of their computer equipment. However, manufacturers continuously announce “End of Marketing” for their equipment after a relatively short period of time, affecting equipment that is already installed in an organization. Alltrade will find and supply whatever equipment is required, either from existing stock or by ordering from any international source.
  4. Availability – Alltrade has in its warehouses a vast stock of thousands of systems and parts that can be speedily supplied.
  5. Flexibility – The customer has complete flexibility when choosing a hardware configuration that will be supplied by Alltrade.
  6. Environmental Preservation – Hardware that is no longer suited for use is a burden on the environment. Due to this Alltrade operates a recycling plant operating according to recognized standards, where all data is erased and then the hardware is then recycled.
  7. Data security – Alltrade uses the internationally recognized Blancco data erasure system to erase any data before hardware is removed from an organization. An official certificate is issued following any such data erasure.
  8. Rental – Alltrade can offer its customers the option of renting equipment for any period of time – including short term for benchmarks, Proof of Concept, training courses, etc.

What is the hardware supplied by Alltrade?

Our hardware comes from several sources:

Used – Hardware that has been in use, either in Israel or worldwide, and has been replaced by newer hardware, or alternatively, an organization has reduced staff or is in the process of closing down.
Refurbished – Hardware that has been in use for a short time and has been returned to the manufacturer.
Manufacturers’ excess stock – When a manufacturer announces “End of Marketing” all excess stock is directed to brokers, similar to Alltrade.

The process of receiving hardware:

All hardware that arrives at Alltrade’s warehouse is tested and, if necessary, repaired.
The next stage is the renewal of the hardware and when a customer orders some equipment then configuration changes are made to adapt the hardware to each customer’s needs.



Head Office – 2 Habarzel St. Tel -Aviv, 6971002
Logistics, Warehouse and Service – 4 Rehavam ze'evi St. , Industrial Zone Barkan
Tel: +972-73-2633333. Fax: +972-9-7451713

Our team:

Gadi Reichman –  CEO
Efi chushu – CEO Chayon Computers
Ran Tshuva – Director & Shareholder
Amir Taihman – CFO
Yinon Golan- VP Sales
Zion Zofiof– VP Purchasing & International Trade
Haim Rubin – VP Logistics & Service Manager